All law enforcement officers, whether full-time or part-time, are eligible to join the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.

When you work you must have the power of arrest and receive some type of compensation from a Governmental Law Enforcement Agency. Retired or disabled Law Enforcement Officers who are receiving or who will be receiving compensation for their employment are also eligible. All members must either own a motorcycle or have plans to own one within 6 months of joining. All members must be properly licensed to operate a motorcycle.  All the rules and information about joining can be found on the form linked below.  Bring the completed application to any meeting or mail it to us.

FYI - The application below links you to an older version, it will still work and remains the current version on the International site.

2012 BK member application.pdf 2012 BK member application.pdf
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WANTED - Blue Knights poster.pdf WANTED - Blue Knights poster.pdf
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Blue Knight Pledge

As a Blue Knight, I pledge to act with honor & pride to promote motorcycling and motorcycle safety by being an example of the safe use, operation and enjoyment of motorcycles. I will work at all times to improve the relationship between the motorcycling law enforcement community and the general public. The fraternal spirit will always guide me in relating to other Blue Knights.

2011 American Income Life welcome letter.pdf 2011 American Income Life welcome letter.pdf
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2011 American Income Life Insurance.pdf 2011 American Income Life Insurance.pdf
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Insurance FAQ's and Answers.pdf Insurance FAQ's and Answers.pdf
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The initial benefit for Iowa I members just got EVEN better again, American Income Life had a deal with Iowa I, then bettered it with the Midwest Regional Conference, and now made a deal with our International office increasing our coverage.

Our International office is pleased to announce that all the Blue Knight Chapter members now have a FREE $3,500  Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy in force.

These benefits are jointly sponsored with American Income Life Insurance Company, a company servicing working families for more than 50 years.  Please visit the website below to designate your beneficiary for the accidental death and dismemberment benefit.

Members who return their beneficiary card will also receive a Health Services Discount card for their household use, also provided at NO cost this card offers 20-60% discounts on prescriptions, hearing care, vision care/products, Chiropractic care and an optional dental discount is available too. 

Many Blue Knights work long and hard to raise money for various charities. Especially near to our hearts is helping children. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Toys for Tots, D.A.R.E., and Concerns of Police Survivors are some examples of our favorites.

Blue Knights have donated to numerous charities and have contributing time and monetary and gift donations in the amount exceeding $13,037,303 (USD).

The Blue Knights is a family fraternity. Spouses and children often accompany our members to the various rides and functions. When travelling, local members can provide assistance, directions and sometimes a place to stay. We are truly a family.   We're the good guys!

"There are no strangers, only friends you haven't met."