Dues information:

**Effective July 2017 the International dues were increased by $5.00.  Until we as a Chapter determine a local need monies collected for Iowa I membership will remain the same as before, all monies will now go to the International and MWRC**

Please make all dues checks payable to 'Blue Knights – Iowa I'

Completed applications with dues payment can be mailed to the Chapter at;

Blue Knights – Iowa I                                                                                                                                                                                              4439 Devils Glen Rd, #443                                                                                                                                                   Bettendorf, IA 52722-0008

Current members/renewals:  

Payable on Nov 1st annually $ 26.00  ($25 international + $1 MWRC + $0 Iowa I)

(Dues can be paid through Iowa 1 at any time during the year (in case you seek warmer weather during the cold months) and the Chapter will send email reminders ahead of this annual deadline date, we ask our members for early payment so we can deposit your check and complete the recharter process as soon as we receive the paperwork from the International office – late payments may require a $5.00 late fee to allow for extra processing after the packet has been sent in)

New members: (first time applications)

Joining January 01 thru March 31

     $ 31.00  ($30 international + $1 Regional + $0 Iowa I) 

Joining April 01 thru June 30

     $ 26.00  ($25 international + $1 Regional + $0 Iowa I) 

Joining July 01 thru September 30

     $ 21.00  ($20 international + $1 Regional + $0 Iowa I)

Joining October 01 thru March 31

     $ 31.00  ($30 international + $1 Regional + $0 Iowa I)

(From October 01 thru December 31 Blue Knights International waives a prorated fee so NEW members joining on October 1st can receive up to 3 months membership for free)