Your participation in any Blue Knight event/Iowa 1 event, ride, or activity is entirely voluntary. Aside from an apparent act of negligence by another you assume the liability for yourself and anyone that may ride with you.  

We proudly represent the law enforcement community active and retired.  The same laws goven us as they do those that we protect and share the road with.  

For everyone's protection we respectfully reserve the option to ask visitors that ride with us to produce a valid motorcycle license and proof of insurance.  

Ride with Pride... Safely

Contact us by email for our next meeting details. The location changes monthly


You do not need to be a member to join the fun, come and visit, contribute to the fellowship 

Iowa I ride opportunities: 

Check email for specific rally points and times 

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Blue Knight Midwest Regional conferences/events/conventions:

05.18-22.18 - 36th Annual Root River camping event (MN I hosting)

06.15-17.18 - Spring MWRC Conference in Bismarck, ND (ND II & IV hosting)

06.23.2018 - 6th Annual Fallen Officers ride (MO X hosting)

07.15-20.18 - 44th International Blue Knight convention – Stone Mountain, GA

08.2018 - Summer GLRC Conference in Allison, Ontario (updates pending)

09.13-16.2018 - Fall MWRC Conference in Springfield, MO (MO I hosting)

International v. Regional Conferences:

I have been often asked what the difference is between the Regional conferences and the International conventions.

Well.... In my humble opinion, mostly these are the legally required business meetings at each level. Activities include but are not limited to, elections for officers, changes in policies, bylaws, etc. and not always fun but can be informative and as my past emails eluded to... sometimes they can be entertaining.  Glad to say they are usually well organized and short.  

At the International Conventions there are usually 2 meetings at one the Chapter President or the member designated to attend in their place attends.  They have a special area for the voting delegates to sit in to help monitor voting, only one vote is allowed per chapter.  I can only guess that an extra person sat in the voting area when they weren’t supposed to so the policy became stricter. 

Fellowship is my major draw.  Blue Knight fellowship and camaraderie are usually without equal. It is a family organization, bring kids young and old alike.  Old stories are told, revisited and new memories are made.  The worldwide networking opportunities are great too.  I have used our BK contacts to reach jurisdictions internationally and in the States for work issues.  

Each gathering accordingly to the size of the event has guided and self guided rides. The hospitality rooms are very popular.  Vendors are present accordingly to event attendance to supply your equipment, patch and gear needs.  As a rider, we get an opportunity to travel, we usually stay in discounted rooms, our meals are often included in registration or discounted.  Ruth & I have had the pleasure of making several events family trips.  We also try to see some attractions along the route.  You will notice there are few requirements or absolutes.  Usually and often are the rule, to best enjoy yourself remain flexible and you’ll be much happier.

Attending your first few events pose natural concerns.  Where and when are the questions asked related to all the activities.  Happily other chapters and MWRC officers have stepped up and has helped us frequently with our questions and they included us in many of their spontaneous side trips & outings.  

We are better prepared every year for the usual expectations and seem to recognize and gather with others easier. We all make friends associated with our chosen profession.  Ruth often teases me that wherever we go, even when we visited Europe once we find someone I know.  Some of these are Blue Knights.  Every conference trip so far we have met up with another Blue Knight along the highways to or from.  I have yet to leave an event without adding to my list of friends.  

Do you ever travel around the country for work or pleasure? Have concerns where to stay, where to eat?  A quick email to the local Chapter and the advice is great. 

Please consider attending an event as you can.  The fees are usually reasonable and the fun makes memories that last forever.  Remember not much is ever set in stone, we try to embrace the classic rider laid back lifestyle, and have changed plans as different opportunities have developed. 

Ride with Pride brethren, Dave (Snowman) Eyman, President

Other events: 

 Follow this link to a frequently used calendar of motorcycle events taking place in and around Iowa or any other state. 

Rolling Thunder is an annual Memorial Day event in Washington, DC look for them on facebook and their web site is;

Iowa I meetings: 

                     Visitors are welcome

    Check our ride opportunities for locations


05.13-19.18    National Police Week   Remember to light your BLUE porch lights, display memorial flags and wear your memorial badge bands.

05.15.2018     National Police Officer’s Memorial Day                                                    Every year our Nation loses 140 to 160 law enforcement officers in the line of duty. In 1962 President John Kennedy signed Public Law 87-726 to designate May 15thas Peace Officer Memorial Day AND the week in which May 15thfalls as National Police Week.  The law was amended in 1994 directing Flags on government buildings to be flown at half-staff.  While the actual dates for the week change annually National Police Week always begins on the Sunday which includes May 15th.                         05.18     Happy birthday Trent ‘Eagle’ Eyman

05.18-22.18     36thAnnual Root River camping event (BK - MN I)                       Veteran's Memorial Campground, N4668 County Road VP, West Salem WI 54669No BK fees to attend – You’re responsible for your own camping site fee, food and beverages  If you want to attend and camping isn’t your thing, consider AmericInn, in West Salem, WI   Or other motel choices in La Crosse, WI.  Contact Brian Gadd with questions, (507) 828-6503

05.20     Happy birthday Matt Walker

05.20     Happy birthday Chuck Mincks

05.19.2018      Iowa VI – 5thAnnual Armed Forces Day Poker Run- Ottumwa, IA       7:00-9:00 AM breakfast will be served, 9:00 AM registration begins $15 rider/$5 passenger, and cars are welcome too.  Kickstands up at 11:00 AM.  A band will perform after the ride at the Ottumwa VFW from 6:00 to 10:00 PM                            QCA riders/carpool - 5:45 AM Staging, KSU 6:00 AM from the Kwik Star gas station, 2283 53rdAve, Bettendorf, IA

05.20.2018     Iowa III – Iowa Thunder ride– Des Moines, IA                                       Riding to honor those who have served, there is a program/speakers before the ride.  DSM riders 11:00 AM Gathering, 1:00 PM Kickstands up, Southridge Mall, 1111 E Army Post Rd, Des Moines, IA  QCA riders/carpool - 8:00 AM Staging, KSU 8:30 AM from the Kwik Star gas station, 2283 53rdAve, Bettendorf, IA

05.20.2018     Wiebler’s HD - Spring Ride to Balltown, Iowa                                            Join Wiebler’s for a nice leisurely ride, great food, bikes, & fun!!! We will be stopping in Balltown, IA at Breitbachs, Iowa's oldest restaurant & bar. Please meet at Wiebler’s at least 30 minutes before your desired departure time.  9:00, 9:30, & 10:00 Am are the three departure times. 5310 Corporate Park Drive, Davenport, Iowa 52807

05.26     Happy birthday Chuck Smith

05.27     Happy birthday Jeff Swisher

05.27     Memorial Day Holiday

05.28.2018       Wiebler’s HD - Bikes, Blues & BBQ party                                           7thAnnual kick off to summer with Bikes, Blues music & BBQ   8:00 AM to 3:00 PM - 5310 Corporate Park Drive, Davenport, Iowa 52807


06.01.2018     International Convention registration rate $120 increases to $140 today  Payable/Mail to Blue Knights – GA XVI, P.O. Box 322, Lawrenceville, GA, 30043