The Clubs & Organizations listed on this page are not affiliates or support groups to the Blue Knights LEMC.  The Iowa 1 Chapter lists them because they exist and operate in our geographic area and their links serve as locations to learn more about them, their activities and their organizations. 

A group that attends many patriotic functions are the Patriot Guard Riders, their site is;  

An interdenominational Christian organization dedicated to reaching people for Christ. Their site is; 

For Correctional Officers having no powers of arrest Blue Knights International recommends the Pride Motorcycle Club, click here to see their web site;

A Public Safety related motorcycle club of law enforcement professionals are the Rough Necks, their site is;

A Public Safety related motorcycle club of law enforcement and Fire professionals are the Renegade Pigs, their site is; 


Widows Sons are an International Masonic Motorcycle Association comprised of Freemasons who ride and desire to ride and socialize with their brethren. Their site is; 


ABATE stands for “A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education.  ABATE works for the motorcycle enthusiast.  It is a neutral organization that allows all riders to unite in brotherhood to safeguard our rights and still remain individuals with different views.  ABATE of Iowa believes that all motorcyclists are brothers with a common interest...RIDING FREE. Their Iowa web site is; Illinois:


The Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club is currently in 18 States with a membership of approximately 600. They are looking for like minded, free spirits in the Law Enforcement and Firefighter professions who ride American iron.


Formed in 1990 The Circle of Pride came up with a set of by-laws and rules that fit their interests, which by the way, were “Brotherhood, Trust, and American Pride”. Dedicated to the freedom of the road and the traditional “Biker” lifestyle. Their site is; (currently unavailable)

Formed in 1985 The policy of the Ranch Riders has always been family first, job second and The Brotherhood third. They have never claimed any "territory" however; The Ranch Riders are based in Davenport, IA.   The Ranch Riders have never officially supported any motorcycle club and are friendly with and respect many organized clubs.  Their site is; (currently unavailable)