Iowa 1 has transferred the following riders/family to Heaven 1 

 "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me. 

God, grant us to see just how short our life is here on earth. Thank you for the years we shared with a friend who left us so soon. You see our sadness, you feel our loneliness. You know we have questions and anxiety. Death is so hard for us to understand. In our confusion and grief we turn to you. Please grant us the peace we need to meet your love.

The Officer Down Memorial page is located at this web site: 

 Blue Knights International Heaven 1 site is at;  make sure you have your BK username and password.

2016 BAIN, Robert

2016 K9 Hawk

2015 STARBERG, Leon

            2015 KLOPPENBORG, Deb                   Lady Knight

2014  AUSTIN, Elbert

2013  JONES Sr, Robert (Bob) F

2008  MUHS, Charlie 'Flash'

2006  ACCOLA, Donald E

1996  SANCHEZ, Margarito (Mike)

1994  ROHM, John E

1988  REMERY, Ronald (Ron)

1986  EZELLE, Hardy

Rest In Peace

Heaven 1 Riders


The blue line represents the camaraderie of all law enforcement officers who protect our nation daily. The black background serves as a constant reminder of our brethren who paid the price for our civil  freedoms with their very lives.

Concerns of Police Survivors - Iowa chapter