We are active & retired men & women, full-time & reserve, police officers, sheriff's deputies, state/highway patrol troopers, federal, state and county law enforcement agents & investigators and state correctional officers with arrest authority that love riding motorcycles. Not just one brand or type of motorcycle either, but all kinds and sizes. You name it, we ride it, as long as it’s ridden safely. Genuine Law enforcement camaraderie and fellowship is much more important to us than what kind of motorcycle you choose to ride.

We promote by our example and other acceptable means, the safe use, operation and enjoyment of motorcycles, we include family recreation in most our events, and share a general love of riding motorcycles. We also legislatively serve the interests of motorcycle owners and riders, and we strive to maintain a positive fraternal spirit between law enforcement and the general public.

The Blue Knights have more than 600 chapters, nearly 20,000 members in 27 countries worldwide. 


Iowa 1 was Chartered

October 01, 1979

- 38 Members -

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